Best Shooting Gloves – [Buyers Guide & Review]

The best shooting gloves are designed to protect your hands from injury and help give you better overall performance. They often have extra padding, enhanced grip and are even touchscreen capable. 

We put together a review and buyers’s guide of the best shooting gloves –

  • Tactical Shooting Gloves
  • Padded Shooting Gloves
  • Fingerless Shooting Gloves


If you have ever looked for a pair of the best shooting gloves then you know the process can be daunting!

There are so many choices on the market today. Do you want traditional tactical gloves with a minimalist design or gloves with extra padding for protection. How about fingerless gloves for the ultimate in dexterity and not to mention the numerous brands to choose from. How are you to know which one to choose or how much time and money you need to waste through the adventure of trial and error.

Well in this buyer’s guide we did our best to do the work for you and hopefully save you a few sheckles along the way.

Our Recommended Top Picks of Each Style

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves: Mechanix Wear Original Covert Tactical Gloves at Amazon

Best Padded Shooting Gloves: FREETOO Rubber Knuckle Outdoor Tactical Gloves at Amazon

Best Fingerless Shooting Gloves: Mechanix Wear Impact Fingerless Covert Tactical Glove at Amazon

Keep reading to see the full list of best tactical shooting gloves, best padded shooting gloves and best fingerless shooting gloves.

Shooting Glove in Action
Padded Knuckle Shooting Glove

What Are Tactical Gloves?

Tactical gloves are designed to give your hands the most protection possible while also trying to give you the maximum amount of dexterity or natural unrestricted movement.

The most important part of a tactical glove is the dexterity. You want natural feel and movement so your gloves don’t restrict you in any way. Obviously this is never going to be perfect but their are some really good options out their so you can protect your hands and still get the job done.

Depending on your exact activity there is a tactical glove for you. Military operators might want extra padding, competitive shooters want a very minimalist glove for speed and dexterity.

Make sure you take into account your intended use and personal preference when choosing. If you’re anything like myself then you will probably end up having a few different styles. I shoot in a few different environments and need a few different options.  

Tactical Gloves Give You Protection from:

  • Heat – the summer heat will get your firearm cooking in no time!
  • Cold Weather – when cold weather hits your gonna want some gloves!
  • Impact – Anytime you can reduce the impact and abuse to your hands its a good thing!
  • Cuts, Scrapes, Burns and more – No matter what you’re doing competition shooting, hunting, recreational shooting or if you are a tactical operator your firearm, environment and the elements around you are to be respected.  

Tactical gloves provide the ultimate protection however, if your gloves aren’t comfortable you can’t wear them for any considerable amount of time. Which in turn makes them useless!

In my experience comfort is the most important feature quickly followed up by dexterity and then grip. Unfortunately not all tactical gloves get all of these features right, so remember don’t just pick your gloves from how cool they look. That is not an important feature at all! (just a bonus).

Features to look for in your tactical shooting gloves:

  • Good Dexterity 
  • Good Grip 
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • Touchscreen capable 

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Mechanix Wear - Original Covert Tactical Gloves

These tactical gloves are a worthwhile shooting accessory. They are breathable, versatile and very comfortable. The 0.8mm synthetic leather glove with touchscreen compatibility works great. With these you can focus on the target and never on the gloves.

Mechanix Wear makes durable and reputable tactical gloves which are great for shooting.


  • DryTek Technology
  • Machine Washable
  • Nylon Carry Loops
  • Touchscreen Compatible


  • Watchout For Counterfeits
  • Not meant for any heavy duty work

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

PIG – Patrol Incident Gear has quickly made a name for itself as a top choice for tactical operators and competitive shooters.

Super comfortable and flexible with an easy slip on fit. Easily slide on and off your tactical gloves with the short cuff elastic fit wrists. Full touchscreen usability on thumb and index fingers so you never have to take your gloves off again. 

Another great feature is the wrap over on the fingers which add extra protection to your finger tips and nails. 

Gives you a great barehanded shooting feel due to the thin palm and trigger finger construction.


  • Minimalist Construction
  • Good Fit
  • Touchscreen Compatible


  • Stitching has had some complaints
  • Rubberized grip falls off after heavy use

5.11 Competition Shooting Glove - Men's Touch Screen Competition Shooting Tactical Glove

The 5.11 competition shooting glove is a great shooting glove. They fit true to size and give you great dexterity. 

You will shoot almost just as good with these gloves on as you would off.

I like the touchscreen user friendly ability which make it so you never need to remove your gloves again while shooting.  They have a sweat or nose wiping thumb area which can be extremely handy!

These were made and designed with the shooter in mind but are still a very useful utility tactical gloves as well.


  • 3 Finger Touchscreen
  • Extremely Tough Construction
  • Padded Neoprene Knuckles
  • Good Trigger Finger Dexterity


  • Grip Friction - If I had to have a complaint (but minor)

Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove

These are a great all weather tactical glove. The neoprene construction gives these gloves a secure and snug fit that wraps your hand and fingers like a second skin. 

What users like the most is the grip. With premium synthetic leather palms that have an extreme grip reinforcement on the palm and fingertips. 

You should easily be able to grip, grab and manipulate your weapon, magazines and gear with the Hatch NS430.


  • Great fit
  • Good grip
  • Good Price


  • Neoprene glove so not good as a utility or work glove
  • Not waterproof or water resistant

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves - Full Finger Protection for Shooting Sports

These are strictly made for shooters and tactical operators. Proven to be effective in combat by special ops for their dexterity and barehand shooting feel.

With an ultra thin material for the trigger finger you get the ultimate feel and sensitivity.

Superior flexibility and dexterity make it easy to do almost any task.

Comfortable added padding to protect your knuckles and touchscreen ready. 


  • Touchscreen Ready
  • Very Comfortable
  • Shooters Touch
  • Color Options


  • Some complaints of durability with extreme use

Padded Shooting Gloves

5.11 Tactical Men's Station Grip Glove, Hook and Loop Closure, Nylon

These are great gloves for shooting in cold weather or wet conditions.

They are a bit bulky for shooting competitively due to their extra padding. However, they are good for recreational shooting and hunting. They give you excellent protection due to their heavy duty nylon and leather construction.

They are great at protecting your hands from the extreme hot and cold and cutting yourself on tree branches and sharp edges. The elastic wrist helps to keep water and moisture out.

I really recommend these gloves for cold weather hunting or cold weather rec. shooting.


  • Good protection from the elements
  • Affordable
  • Reputable Brand name
  • Elastic wrist closure


  • Grip texture wears off to fast
  • Not good for competition shooting

FREETOO Tactical Gloves Army Military Police Rubber Knuckle Outdoor Gloves for Men

Super affordable and comfortable hard knuckle padded gloves. These gloves are great if you are looking for something with hard knuckle padding yet still very functional as a shooting / utility glove.

Rugged, durable gloves perfect for almost any job. For under $30 dollars these are overachieving hard knuckle reinforced tactical gloves.


  • Excellent Grip
  • Excellent Price
  • Rugged & Comfortable


  • Not many - maybe the longevity (but for the price they are excellent)

Seibertron Men's S.O.L.A.G. Special Ops Full Finger Tactical Gloves

If knuckle padded gloves are to bulky and intrusive then the Seibertron  S.O.L.A.G. offers a great alternative. These have soft padding on the knuckles and fingers giving good protection and still plenty of dexterity and comfort. 

Synthetic leather construction, velcro wrists, added grip on the palm and fingers. These are a good budget minded padded shooting glove.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Good for the money


  • Not cold weather worthy

Mechanix Wear - MultiCam M-Pact Tactical Gloves

You will notice the comfort of the M-Pact Tactical Glove the moment you slip them on. 

Equipped with thermoplastic impact resistant rubber padding throughout. Breathable DryTrek will keep your hands very comfortable.

You get extra reinforcement in the fingers and palm with Armortex. Touchscreen capable synthetic leather makes it easy to use your phone. Nylon carry loops and even machine washable.


  • Tons of protection
  • Multicam camouflage
  • Comfortable
  • Durability is good


  • Touchscreen finger could be improved to work better

WTACTFUL Upgraded Rubber Hard Knuckle Touch Screen Full Finger Tactical Gloves

This is a great choice for almost any activity wear hand protection is important. These rubber knuckled are great at reducing impact and abrasion.

The flexible construction maximizes airflow and overall comfort in a weather condition. They have extra grip in the padded palms. Three finger touchscreen ready. 


  • They do what they say they do
  • Feel good
  • Touchscreen capable
  • Great knuckle protection


  • Don't expect them to last forever

Fingerless Shooting Gloves

SPIKA Camouflage Hunting Full Finger and Fingerless Gloves

Covered in realtree xtra camo print which is the most diverse all year round camo. 

The fingerless slimline glove is a perfect balance between giving you freedom of movement and feel. Always be able to use you phone, gps, firearm, or bow with ease. 

Equipped with durable 220 gsm microfuse fabric. They have finger tabs which make them much easier to remove effortlessly. They also have extra padding in the palm for increased protection and grip.


  • Fingertabs - for easy removal
  • Best camo print around
  • Affordable


  • Fingerless gloves always look funny
  • Don't recommend for cold weather hunting

FREETOO Half Finger Tactical Gloves - Rubber Knuckle Outdoor Shooting Gloves

The half finger FREETOO tactical glove is almost completely the same glove as their full finger version glove (check above in best padded gloves).

FREETOO makes a really good glove that is built tough and rugged with superior protection. Half finger gloves are unique and purposeful and these will do the job well.


  • Good price
  • Rubber knuckles
  • Anti-slip grip


  • No finger tabs

Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Special Ops/Operations 1/2 Finger Light Assault Gloves

Quality half finger tactical shooting gloves. Soft padded knuckles and fingers fit snuggly. With these half fingers gloves you have full dexterity and mobility. 

Wrist strap gives you a secure feeling with adjustable comfort. Easy to clean and they dry in a flash, these are a good choice.


  • Secure Fit
  • Good for shooting


  • Medium use worthy only

Mechanix Wear - Impact Fingerless Covert Tactical Gloves

The fingerless desgin of these gloves allows for some great movement. Look closely at the trigger finger (index finger…) you will notice they did not put the impact rubber padding. This aids in giving the most dexterity and movement of your trigger finger so there is no obstruction whatsoever.

They still gave the trigger finger EVA foam padding that just gives a little extra protection. 

These gloves are very tough and durable, protect your hands well with D3O palm padding to absorb shock and ArmorTex for enhanced grip. Not to mention these are made by Mechanix Wear.


  • Machine Washable
  • Great Padding Protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Unpadded trigger finger


  • Wish they had finger tabs for easy removal
  • Tags are annoying will have to remove

Beretta Half Finger Shooting Gloves

If you are looking for simple basic fingerless shooting gloves these are a perfect choice. 

These gloves are made by Beretta a very reputable name in the firearm industry. They kept these gloves simple which is a nice feature when it comes to shooting firearms usually simple is better.

These gloves fit well and give your hands the coverage they need from your firearm. They give you maximum flexibility and movement. These gloves are the closet thing to a barehand.


  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Non slip grip
  • Exactly what the seem like


  • Little extra cost cause of Berreta name
  • Basic & simple (also a pro)


The best shooting gloves are really a choice on personal preference and the type of firearms and shooting you will be doing.

Are you shooting indoors or outdoors? Are you shooting for your job or for sport? Are you shooting in cold weather or hot weather? What type of firearm will you be shooting and how much dexterity do you need. These choices matter when it comes to choosing the correct pair of shooting gloves.

We comprised a list of the best shooting gloves into three category’s. Tactical shooting gloves, padded shooting gloves and fingerless shooting gloves. If your truly being honest with yourself then you will do what I did and get a pair of all three.

I call this the shooters curse!

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