8 best rifle cases 2019

8 Best Rifle Cases 2019: Hard and Soft Cases

The best rifle cases will keep your firearms safe and secure from damage and those with sticky fingers. It also makes transporting your guns when traveling or going to the range easy and convienant. Cases with locks are a great way to safely store your rifles at home, especially if you don’t have a gun safe.

The point of a rifle case is to keep your rifles, pistols and gear safe and secure while you are traveling to go hunting or maybe heading to the range to go shooting or heading to work if you are in law enforcement. 

There are many style and option choices when it comes to rifle cases. Whether you have an AR-15, a hunting rifle or a shotgun the important decision is how you will be using your rifle case.

You can get a soft case or hard case in a single rifle or double rifle setup.

You may even have the need for multiple rifle cases depending of course on how many rifles you currently own or plan on owning and if your like me I prefer at least one hard case and one soft case.

Editor's Top Three Pick's

Our Rating
Savior Equipment Urban Warfare

Editor’s Pick

Our Rating
Condor Single Rifle Case

Best Value Pick

Our Rating
Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

Best Hard Case

Hard Shell Cases  

Hard sided cases are going to give you the most protection for your money (especially if you will be doing any air travel with your rifles)Due to the hard outer shell you get superior protection for your firearm. These cases usually have foam padding that is meant to keep your gun secure and safe during travel. 

Be careful when choosing your case as some brands use thin cheap foam that will allow your rifle to move some within the case when you pick it up. You do not want this, you want thick high density foam that gives your rifle the ultimate protection. There are cases you can get that have foam that you can customize to fit your firearm. These are highly desirable because it gives you the ability to get a really snug fit around your rifle.

Hard cases are made from different materials like metal or aluminum, wood or composite materials. 

  • Wood cases – they look great but can be heavy and do not offer the best protection in a hard case. 
  • Aluminum cases – are very strong and durable cases that offer superior strength and are lightweight, but can cost more.
  • Composite Material – cases like plastic or fiber reinforced compounds are strong, durable and lightweight. These are the type of cases the military uses (theirs may be better) but nonetheless what you can buy for civilian use is great. The best part about these cases is the vast array of price, features, style, and options.


Soft Shell Cases 

Soft sided cases are just the opposite of hard sided cases as the name implies. They are not going to give you as good of protection as compared to a hard sided case but they do still give very good protection and there are a lot of benefits that you can’t get with a hard sided case. 

The benefits of a soft case is they are lightweight, quiet, and versatile. Many of the best soft cases come with multiple pockets for your gear and even pockets for a handgun or two. Soft sided cases are made from fabrics like neoprene, nylon and even leather.

They are also much easier and more comfortable to carry on your back or shoulder (backpack straps / shoulder strap)

For instance, hunters will often times use their hard case during air travel to their destination and then switch to a soft case for the versatility and much easier carry protection when traveling back and forth during the hunting trip or heading to the range.


Locks and Safety

It is important to keep your firearms safe and secure from children and unathorized users. Keep this in mind when you are deciding on your next case. Most hard sided cases will have a key lock or a place to put a lock and soft sided cases can lock through loops and zippers. 

When traveling by airplane you will be required to properly lock up your firearms according to TSA Rules. You will need to present your gun to the TSA for inspection after check in and they will make sure its locked with an approved lock so buy one and make sure its locked.

When traveling your rifle is very prone to bumps and bangs. Having a proper case will significantly increase the odds of your rifle making it through unscathed.  

4 Best Soft Shell Cases


Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • 36″, 42″, 46″ and 55″ length options
  • Lockable Zipper Firearm Compartments
  • MOLLE Attachment Grid 
  • Removable Backpack Straps

Editor’s Pick – Double rifle and double pistol storage options come standard in this case with the ability to turn into a spacious single rifle case within seconds.

Double padded storage compartments to assure your rifle stays put and does not get damaged while carrying your rifles and gear around. Lockable zippers to keep your guns safe from those with sticky fingers and paracord zipper pulls.

The Urban Warfare soft sided case is well made with heavy duty double stitching that raises the toughness and durability of this case. Another great feature is the true lay flat which allows you to open the case completely and it lays flat for easy use and it increases the lifespan of the zippers by taking pressure off.

What I really like about this case is the ability to remove the backpack straps if I’m not going to needing them for awhile and how spacious it is, you can store everything you would need for your next hunting or range excursion.


Condor Single Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • 3 Modular Utility Pouches attached with MOLLE system
  • Padded Primary Compartment 36” or 42” Option Available
  • Secondary Padded Compartment with 2 Internal Padded Pockets
  • Lockable Zippers on both Main and Secondary Compartments

The Condor case is our BEST VALUE pick, Condor makes some of the best rifle cases around and they are super affordable for the quality. They are very straightforward rugged and tough cases and they come out of the box ready to go or customize it to your liking.

It has 3 utility pouches attached using the MOLLE system so you can leave it like it is or take one off and add a gear pouch of your preference. 

You can pick one of these cases up in 3 colors black, tan and olive drab and you can choose between 36” and 42” lengths. Inside the case is 2 hook and loop straps to help and secure your rifle and padded sleeves on both ends to give some additional protection to your barrel.

Condor cases are just simple and all about function, they make great reliable cases that hold an impressive amount of gear so bring your rifle, a couple of pistols, extra ammo magazines and whatever else you can think of.


Savior Equipment American Classic Tactical Long Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • Constructed with 600D PVC Nylon
  • Holds 2 Rifles and 2 Handguns
  • Lockable Zippers on firearm storage compartments
  • Savior Unquestioned Lifetime Warranty

The Savior Equipment classic long rifle soft sided case is a modern, simple and well constructed gun case. 

It comes in 36″, 42″, 46″ and 55″ as well as 4 color options are available. It has lockable zipper sliders on 2 of the main gun storage compartments and it has paracord zipper pulls to make it very simple and easy to use.

Fully padded double rifle slots that will keep your rifles secure during transport. It also has three exterior pockets that are great for storing equipment, accessories or even a pistol or two. This case has an Alice and MOLLE load bearing system which allows for a variety of equipment carry positions. 

The case can be carried with hook and loop carrying handle or on your back with backpack straps which is great for hiking or anytime you just need your hands free.

Best part about Savior Equipment Case is knowing they stand by their gear and provide a UNQUESTIONED LIFETIME WARRANTY – THE SAVIOR WARRANTY


VooDoo Tactical Padded Weapons Case

Our Rating


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rugged Ballistic Pack Cloth Construction
  • 3 Outside Adjustable Accessory Pouches
  • Self Repairing Military Style Zippers

The VooDoo Tactical rifle case is a really well built soft sided case that can hold up to 2 rifles plus accessories like extra magazines, cleaning supplies, saftey glasses and even a pistol or two. 

It will fit AR-15, M-16, HK-93 and other rifles and weapons depending on the size you need. It comes in 36”, 42” and 46” lengths and you can also get it in multiple color options. The shorter lengths are great for modern tactical rifles and the longer lengths are great for hunting rifles. Make sure you double check the length of your intended weapons and choose wisely.

Made with ballistic pack cloth construction with 3 adjustable accessory pouches on the outside of the case. 

There are straps to keep your rifles secure during travel and a foam divider that sits between the guns to keep them from rubbing or knocking together. Includes adjustable shoulder straps with a optional chest strap for when you really need to secure your pack. The shoulder harness has storage pockets as well.

Don’t forget about the included MOLLE straps so you can add all the extra accessories and gear bags you prefer. 

4 Best Hard Shell Cases


Pelican 1720 Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • Made in the USA
  • Watertight, Dustproof & Crushproof
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Built in Wheels for Easy Carry

It comes standard with a 3 piece high density foam set. Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings on one end which makes the case super easy to carry when rolling through the airport. 

The Pelican 1720 hard shell rifle case is super tough, it’s crushproof, dust proof and watertight. This case is heavier then others however, this is due to the fact that it is very well made with a solid wall design and high density foam. Built with the harshest environments in mind, from the freezing cold to the scorching heat.

Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve that equalizes the air pressure. A watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware.

As far as Pelican cases go you can’t do much better, they are the cream of the crop in my opinion.

That’s why the Pelican 1720 is our pick for BEST HARD CASE. This case is a bit pricey but well worth the money you would not be disappointed.


Plano Gun Guard AW Tactical Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • Lockable Padlock Tabs
  • Thick Wall Construction with High Density Foam Interior
  • WeatherProof
  • Pluckable Foam for Easy Customization

The Plano Gun Guard is a well built hard sided gun case. It’s a simple and effective case that will keep your rifle safe and secure. Designed to withstand extreme conditions and tough use.

Spring loaded lockable latches will give you the ability to lock up your rifles. This case is weatherproof from a continuous dri-lock seal. Weatherproof means it will keep out dust, dirt, debris and water to a point. However, they do not claim to be 100 percent waterproof just WEATHERPROOF.

High density foam interior with a pluckable foam insert so you can customize the placement and exact fit of your rifle. The pluckable foam is not high density and a little thin in my opinion but overall does not cause a problem.

The Plano Gun Guard AW will protect rifles of all styles from the elements. It is built with rugged hard sided construction with thick walls and good components. 

This is a really good rifle case that comes at an affordable price. If well taken care of should last you many many years.


Case Club Pre-Made AR-15 Waterproof Rifle Case

Our Rating


  • Case is Airline Approved for checking, is lockable and fully shippable
  • Waterproof 
  • Waterproof accessory box and knife included with case
  • Pre-cut foam for AR-15 rifle also holds extra magazines, pistols, optics, attachments & accessories

The Case Club is a precut AR-15 rifle case. This case is made specifically for an AR rifle with precut foam so most of the work is done for you. If you need some minor adjustments for your rifle a sharp box knife can easliy help you make some custom alterations.

If you want to hold all your gear tightly together in custom foam slots then you will love the Case Club. You can store extra magazines, a full size handgun, optics, attachments and accessories. 

The case itself is a dustproof, waterproof and generally industructable tough rifle case. It has a built in pressure equalization valve for changing altitudes. You would have no problem using this case for air travel with 5 built in heavy duty latches that have locks with keys. There is also additional padlockable holes so you can lock up your rifles and gear for good. 

Reusable silica gel canister included with the case to help remore moisture from within the case. If the silica gel becomes saturated you just remove it and put it in the oven to cook out the moisture and the use it again. Their is an accessory box that is great for storing cleaning supplies and small tools. 

The lid holds a foam combination of convoluted egg crate & closed cell polyethylene, specifically engineered to hold everything down perfectly. This case is compact, organized, & uses all available space to the fullest.


Plano PLA11852 All Weather Case Doublex 40mm  Rifle / Shotgun

Our Rating


  • Dual Stage Lockable Latches
  • Rugged Industrial Strength Construction
  • Easy Glide Wheels for Transport
  • Dri Lock Seal to keep it watertight and dustproof

52″ Double rifle storage capacity in this Plano hard sided case. If you need to travel and want to bring more then one rifle with you then check out the Plano PLA11852 Doublex. This case protects against the elements and is tough enough to protect against the baggage handler.

Plano upgraded the look and funtionality of this model. With heavy duty dual stage lockable latches and a pressure release valve that takes care of the changing air pressures and elevation change during air travel. 

Pluckable and very customizeable foam to setup your case your way.

Plano cases are a trusted source for hunters and shooters alike. No matter where your traveling or how far Plano works hard to deliver a case that will take good care of your rifles and gear and all at an affordable price. 

The Wrap Up

The best rifle cases like the ones that made our list above are a much needed piece of gear to protect your rifles. Lock them up safe inside a protective case to keep unauthorized hands off and to keep them in great shape.

We found the 4 best soft cases and 4 best hard cases that will keep your rifles, pistols, magazines, and extra gear safe when you are headed out to the range or the hunt. A good case gives you the protection and safety for your most prized possessions. 

Drop us a comment and tell us what your favorite rifle is?

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