20 Best Firearm Brands – [List of Top Gun Manufacturers]

The best firearm brands are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation. They are using the best materials and craftsmanship to develop high quality extremely reliable firearms.  They embrace the fierceness of competition to always push themselves to make better more improved firearms. 

Many of the top gun manufacturers have been around for over a hundred years. Every brand is different some make a variety of pistols, rifles and shotguns while some are more speciality focused to one or two types.

For example Glock makes handguns only and they are one of the best at putting their focus on what their great at.  Some make great hunting rifles while others make the best competition pistols.

Customer service is another important factor in becoming a top popular brand. Those brands that offer the best customer service and warranties quickly seperate themselves from the pack. 

For our list we did not rank the brands in any specific order. I think that this is not truly possible and does a disservice to what these companies provide.

There may be some brands that did not make our list that are great brands however we choose 20 of the best firearm brands that we think are some of the very best in the industry today.

List of Top 20 Firearm Brands

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Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson has been a leader in the firearm industry for over 165 years. Originally  designed and manufactured by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson in 1852.

They have constantly been at the forefront of design, quality and reliability. With a huge selection of firearms that have all contributed to the reputation. Smith & Wesson firearms and accessories are made in the U.S.A. where they manufacture multiple varieties and styles of pistols, revolvers, rifles and more.

Every firearm made by Smith & Wesson is designed with specific intent and purpose in mind. You will find guns geared toward the competition shooter, hunters, personal protection, concealed carry, law enforcement & military operations and many more.

This is a brand that has stood the test of time and continues today to push the limits of design, function and quality while making some of the best and most reliable firearms that you can buy.

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Mossberg - (O.F. Mossberg & Sons)

In the United States in 1919 Mossberg started its endeavor into the firearm market and has become a leader with  innovative design and realistic and practical features.

Mossberg built a reputation as a specialist in the shotgun and rifle market having pioneered features and standards that are still being used today. One of the most noted accomplishments that Mossberg is recognized for is their pump shotguns, which are the only shotguns that the United States government has purchased that meet Mil-S-3443 specs.

Their shotguns have been adopted and used by the United States Military for years. After providing unmatched quality, reliability, durability and craftsmanship make Mossberg firearms some of the most sought after rifles and shotguns around.

Photo Credit: us.glock.com

Glock - (Glock Ges m.b.H.)

Glock pistols have become renowned for their durability and reliability and are used by 65% of law enforcement agencies in the U.S..

Created in 1963 by Gaston Glock in Austria where the facility still stands today. In the 1970’s they started developing military products such as knives and machine gun belts. Then in the early 1980’s Glock introduced their polymer frame pistols which have now become the standard for many semi-auto pistols. During this time they also developed their Safe Action system.

Since that time Glock has gained extreme success in the handgun market garnering an extreme cult-like fanfare. As one of the most popular pistol manufacturers around Glock continues to stay at the cutting edge of design, innovation and their most important quality simplicity.

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Ruger - (Sturm, Ruger & Co.)

As a leading firearm brand and manufacturer for over 70 years producing firearms in almost every category rifles, revolvers and pistols.

Founded back in 1949 by Alexander McCormick Sturm and William B. Ruger in Southport Connecticut.

Ruger is one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the United States and has built a strong reputation for making high quality revolvers, as well as .22 LR rimfire rifles and .22 rimfire semi-automatic pistols. Year after year Ruger firearms remains one of the most produced and sold brands in the U.S. and they show no signs of slowing down.

Photo Credit: Remington.com

Remington - (Remington Arms)

If you are into longevity and staying power then look no further than Remington Arms.

For over 200 years Remington has been making some of the most legendary guns and ammunition of all time.

Started by Eliphalet Remington in 1816 they have carved a rich history in making rifles, shotguns, handguns and ammunition.

Having made a mark in the hunting world and beyond they have remained on the leading edge of performance and innovation. Many of their firearms are among the best-selling guns of all time, like the Model 700 and Model 870.

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HK - (Heckler & Koch)

Heckler & Koch is a premium brand in the firearm industry with a speciality in small arms and high quality tactical rifles.

They are known for being a high quality and durable brand which makes them worth every penny.

HK has a personal vision for their company which is “To be the world’s premier small arms system company.” Well on their way to achieving that goal with continued development and innovation they should be around as a top firearm brand for years to come.

They oversee facilities in three countries and have been adopted by many military establishments. Military and law enforcement agencies put these weapons through extreme testing before they make them their firearm of choice. This gives any manufacturer chosen great authority.

Photo Credit: Colt.com

Colt - (Colt Defense)

An icon in the firearm industry since 1836 when Colt was issued its first U.S. patent. Colt is a well established brand that made a name back in the late 1800’s with its single action revolvers and the first Gatling gun.

Colt made what might be the most famous pistol in firearm history the Colt Single Action Army.

In 1911 the Colt Model 1911 handgun leads the way and was adopted by the United States government as its standard firearm.

Colt has been developing and producing innovative firearms for over a hundred years which have been used by military, law enforcement and competitive shooters.

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Kimber started from the very beginning with the intent to make some of the highest quality and most dependable firearms you can purchase.

That’s how they started and that’s how they continue to this day known for their unprecedented craftsmanship and top quality materials used.  Organizations like the LAPD SWAT team and the Marines central command use Kimber as their pistols of choice.

Kimber is the largest manufacturer of 1911 handguns today making some of the very best on the market. When you first pick up a Kimber firearm you instantly notice the quality from the feel and look, they make no compromise in features or materials they use. Kimber doesn’t concentrate on the number of pistols it sells instead focusing on making the very best you can buy.

Photo Credit: Dickson Sportsman Store

Walther - (Walther Arms)

In 1908 Carl Walther created the first semi-automatic pistol and Walther firearms were born. Now they have been a leader in the firearm industry for over 125 years and counting.

They have been providing quality firearms for the German police and military since their inception with a high focus on self loading pistols.

In 2012 Walther Arms was created to implement and handle all United States production and sales. They continue to provide shooters with high quality, innovative self loading pistols that have one of the best warranties in the industry.

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SIG Sauer has built its brand recognition on making some of the truly best firearms and accessories in the firearm world.

Founded in Switzerland they produced their first rifle the Prelaz-Burnand in 1864 and have continued to build upon that success to this day. They have made many pistols for the Swiss Army and Swiss police force through the years and now the P320 has been chosen by the United States Army and other local police departments as their primary sidearm.

High quality, reliable, dependable and all while providing great performance as well pushing the limits through innovative designs make SIG SAUER a truly premium firearm manufacturer!

Photo Credit: Beretta


As the oldest active firearm manufacturer around today Beretta started way back in 1526 producing arquebus barrels. A true family production the business has been passed down from son to son for generations.

Today Beretta is making around 1,500 firearms a day in multiple models, styles and calibers options. Beretta has a reputation for making great quality guns that have been used by military units and police departments in the United States and abroad for many years.

The Beretta 92 series pistol is one of their most famous and popular handguns since 1985. They have also seen great success in the competitive shooting sports arena where they have won Olympic medals and world championships multiple times through the years.

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Daniel Defense

Founded in the year 2000 by Marty Daniel who had one goal in mind, to make the world’s finest firearms and firearm accessories.

Daniel Defense did just that and with their unmatched product quality and craftsmanship. One of the reasons is because they make almost every component and part that goes into their firearms. This is truly unparalleled in the market today but leads to the best in durability, accuracy, features, design.

When you own a Daniel Defense gun you become a part of their firearm community. They believe strongly in customer satisfaction and making sure you become a Daniel Defense fan for life.

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Winchester - (Winchester Repeating Arms)

In 1866 the Winchester Repeating Arms company was born and for the next 150 plus years they have been making fantastic firearms.

Winchester has a long standing reputation for making quality rifles and shotguns. They have always been on the cutting edge and redefining and innovating its lineup through the years. With models that have remained legendary and time tested like the Model 70 and Wildcat.

From lever action rifles to tactical shotguns Winchester is a great long standing brand with a good reputation and healthy heritage of producing quality and reliable firearms.

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Benelli - (Benelli Armi S.p.A.)

Created in 1967 by the Benelli brothers, yes the same Benelli brothers that created Benelli motorcycles.

Benelli makes rifles and shotguns for hunters and competitive shooters. Benelli separated itself from the pack with its absolutely beautiful semi-automatic shotguns that combine the best in craftsmanship and technology. Benelli’s uses an inertia driven system that gives them the fastest shooting shotguns in the industry and along with other superior features and functions have given hunters and shooters the ability to shoot better, faster and with more success.

Benelli backs their firearms with a 10 year warranty one of the best in the industry.

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Springfield Armory

The Springfield Armory that exists today was founded in 1974 by the Reese family.

They are a reputable manufacturer that makes a variety of pistols, and rifles in multiple ammo caliber and style options. They have a large array of the popular polymer frame pistols that have gained mass popularity in the firearm world.

Springfield Armory remains a consistent player in the firearm industry through constant development and innovation and they make some top pistols and rifles.

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The legend and tradition of Browning firearms is unmatched in the gun industry.

In 1878 John Moses Browning created his first firearm a single shot rifle which was a success and he never looked back. John Browning is responsible for so many of the best ground breaking firearms ever invented, many of which are still around today. Guns like the Model 1886, M2 machine gun and the super popular 1911 pistol and many many more.

Mr. Browning licensed many of its designs and guns to other brands like Winchester and FN Herstal as well as producing and manufacturing himself. Today his legend status and the Browning company continue to make some of the best firearms money can buy.

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In 1945 Weatherby Sporting Goods was started in California by Roy Weatherby. Roy was a true innovator and inventor who started out making ammunition.

Eventually Roy followed the natural progression of making ammo to making rifles and rifle scopes. Today Weatherby rifles is still following Roy’s success and makes some of the best bolt action hunting rifles around. Today you can pick up a Weatherby rifle for large and small game hunting, semi-auto and pump shotguns perfect for Waterfowlers and Upland hunting.

Many Weatherby rifles shoot calibers you may only find by Weatherby and that are great huntung calibers.  They do also make rifles chambered in many of the popular and common calibers.

Still a family run business to this day Weatherbys is run by Roy’s son Ed Weatherby where they continue to make high quality firearms with constant innovation and development that Roy laid out.

Photo Credit: Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms

In 1996 Louis Imperato and his son Anthony opened the doors in Brooklyn, New York to the Henry Repeating Arms company.

Here is where they brought back a classic in the long gun world and became a leader in lever action rifles. The Henry rifle was first created in 1862 by Benjamin Henry and made quite a name during the civil war.

Henry Repeating Arms now carries on as a leading long gun manufacturer in the USA making new better versions of the classic lever action. You name it they have it rimfire, centerfire and with so many materials and style options you are sure to find a lever action right up your alley.

Henry rifles are perfect for hunters, shooting enthusiasts and of course proudly made in the USA.

FN Herstal - (Herstal Group)

FN Herstal is a subsidiary of the the larger Herstal Group and was created back in 1999 to handle all manufacturing and sales operations for the United States production.

They make pistols and small caliber firearms for the U.S commercial market and the US government military operations. Over the years they have shown to make highly quality firearms that are gaining popularity from the civilian market. They use top quality materials and state of the art development to make some of the best pistols on the market today.

Photo Credit: weaponevolution.com

Wilson Combat

Started by Bill Wilson in 1974 Wilson Combat is a premium custom manufacturer of high quality 1911 pistols, tactical rifles and shotguns.

By focusing on high quality design and function as well as the best customer service in the industry Wilson Combat has garnered a reputation that keeps customers coming back for more. They have provided firearms for countless law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Wilson has made a name for itself in a relatively short amount on time especially in the firearm industry where many major players have a long lineage.

When you focus on making the best guns and always putting the customer first you can quickly become a major player like Wilson Combat.


With so many good firearm brands making a best of list in any particular order is down right impossible. We scoured the industry through research and personal experience in the shooting and gun world to come up with our best 20 firearm brands. Many good and upcoming brands were left off because well we have to draw the line somewhere and we did so at 20.

We took into account things like reputation, quality and reliability, durability and craftsmanship. Brands that have paved the way in the gun world and are still here going strong. Most important of all customer satisfaction! 

The brands on our list make every style and type of firearm legally available today. Pistols, semi-auto rifles, bolt-action, lever-action, shotguns, revolvers and more. These brands make the best firearms that money can buy in all price ranges available. Quality and reliability are the name of the game and these brands make guns that will be passed down for generations.