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Welcome to TacticalAddiction.com I’m glad you made it, my name is Dan and I am the managing editor at TacticalAddiction.com. We are tactical enthusiasts who enjoy living life prepared and ready for the unexpected.

Tactical Addiction was started with the focus and intent to share and review top gear, tools, firearms and weapons for survival, self-defense and the outdoors. Reviews of gear and tools that we have used or checked out and we believe would give you an edge up in living a tactically prepared life.

We have a passion for living a tactical lifestyle and being tactically prepared. We strive to provide good helpful content, reviews, and tips that you can take to help you become better prepared and skilled with the right tactical knowledge, gear, tools and weapons you need to protect yourself and your family and maybe have a little fun doing it!

Thanks for stopping by TacticalAddiction.com and don’t forget to check in often to see our latest articles.

We hope you enjoy the site and please leave a comment on your favorite article and say Hi!

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