10 Must-Have Tactical Tools

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with being prepared. I love having the right tool’s and the right gear for whatever comes my way. Whether that is just taking on a DIY project around the house for my wife, fixing something on my truck, being prepared when I go camping or for any kind of unforeseen situation that may happen in life.

Having The Right Tool For The Job Makes All The Difference!

Must-have tactical tool’s are tool’s that have very special requirements. Their job is to help you survive and thrive through tough planned and unplanned scenarios at home, in the field, anywhere. Most tactical tool’s should be multi-functional and should be easily carried with you.

10 Must-Have Tactical Tools

This list is not in any particular order because in my opinion you need them all for your tactical toolbox or tactical gear bag to be complete.

  1. Fixed Blade Knife
  2. Multi-tool
  3. Tactical Gloves
  4. Boots
  5. Tomahawk Axe
  6. Tactical Pen
  7. Portable Folding Shovel
  8. Tactical Backpack
  9. Tactical Flashlight
  10. 9mm Handgun

This is my list, these are the tool’s in my tactical toolbox that I have refined over the years from my incessant need to have every tool and be prepared for everything. It is as much a hobby as it is a comfort that I can take care of my family know matter what life throws my way.

You may not agree with every item on this list you may think some items are overkill or you may want to switch certain items with another and that’s OK. I don’t believe there is a perfect list out there, use my list to help you start preparing yours or to add additional items to your tactical tool’s. Don’t be afraid to tweak it to your liking take what you think will be useful for you and add it to your toolbox.

For me my tactical tool’s need to be able to travel with me effortlessly using nothing more than my pockets and a backpack (which is of course why a tactical backpack makes the list!). They need to be multi-functional as much as possible so we can keep the gear to a minimum and they also need to be as effective as possible. Tactical tool’s and gear needs to serve multiple purpose’s like helping us with security and survival assisting our life’s when we need it most.

The Breakdown Of Our Tactical Tools List

1. Fixed Blade Knife – I did not put this list in any order of importance but if I would have I probably would have put fixed blade knife number one. You need a knife period it is one of the most valuable multi-use tool’s you will ever own. As, a tactical tool I prefer a strong partially serrated fixed-blade knife with a sheath which can be carried on your waistband. A knife will help you daily during survival and self-defense situations. GET ONE! I recently purchased the Gerber StrongArm 420 Survival Tactical Knife and I love it especially for the multiple carrying options.

2. Multi-Tool – Multi-tool’s are a great tactical tool, they can help you accomplish so many tasks. They are small and generally lightweight for a tool that actually contains many tool’s. The number will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but around 8 to 15 tool’s built in to one. Pliers, screw drivers, knives, saw, scissors, bottle openers, ruler, wire cutters are common. Easy to carry in a backpack or on your waist in a sheath. I recommend the Leatherman SURGE this tool is the cream of the crop. It is fairly expensive Current Price, however with 21 tools and the Leatherman brand you can’t go wrong. A strong second and much more affordable I recommend the Gerber Suspension Multiplier.

3. Tactical Gloves – Gloves make my list because simply put your hands are just to valuable not to protect. I will admit I don’t always like wearing gloves I work better when I can feel what I’m doing. However, all these tactical tool’s are useless if your hands are ruined so protect your digits and wear gloves whenever possible. Gloves help you from getting cuts and burns and keep your fingers warm when its cold they are a necessity in survival. Choice’s and preference are endless in the tactical glove category. Here is Amazon’s top pick if interested.

4. Boots – This one should go without saying, but if you are out in the wilderness hunting, camping, hiking or your in a survival situation you need boots. Good boots will last a long time, they take care of your feet and make it so you can do anything and go anywhere you may need to. Get a Pair of Good Boots!

5. Tomahawk Axe – A tactical axe is a wonderful must-have tool for your tactical tool bag. If you are out in the wilderness or in a natural disaster a tactical axe will be a very useful tool for survival. It is great for chopping wood for fires, great in a self-defense situation, great for breaking windows and opening doors and many more jobs. Small and lightweight a great tool for a tactical toolbox. I recommend the Gerber DownRange Tomahawk this thing is so useful and AWESOME!!

6. Tactical Pen – Tactical pens are a small lightweight useful tool that you won’t even know you are carrying. Great for writing, personal self-defense, glass-breaker for breaking out windows, strong pocket clip, some have a DNA collector and some even have a small flashlight. I have multiple tactical pens these are great for your everyday carry gear.

7. Portable Folding Shovel – A shovel can be an indispensable tool in today’s constantly changing environment. Folding shovels are compact and lightweight and can move sand, dirt and snow. A shovel is a wonderful tool to have in your tactical tool box and will be extremely useful if you are camping or in a survival scenario. Their are many to choose from I like the SOG Elite Entrenching Shovel it is compact and lightweight, it has a saw blade that attach’s on one side that can be used for cutting and it folds up into a sheath for easy carrying.

8. Tactical BackpackTactical Backpack Guide. You need a place to store and carry your tactical tool’s and there is know better way than with your tactical backpack. The good ones are made to withstand the elements, they are comfortable and have multiple pockets and compartments for your gear. They also have an attachment system called MOLLE which allows you to attach custom extra pouches and gear to the outside of the backpack. A quality tactical backpack makes for a great bug-out-bag, camping bag and a daily carry bag.

9. Tactical Flashlight – Tactical flashlights are a must have for your everyday carry gear and your tactical toolbox. I have 3 of them one that I carry everyday, one I keep in my glove box and one I keep in my tactical backpack. Multiple lighting modes, compact, lightweight and durable tactical flashlights are a must-have for any tactical tool’s collection.  Check out Beginners Guide to EDC Tactical Flashlights to learn more.

10. 9mm Pistol – No tactical toolbox is complete without a pistol for self-defense. We life in a dangerous world and it is your job to defend yourself and your family from danger. I like 9mm, it’s easy and comfortable to shoot, it’s not the largest or strongest caliber yet it will provide sufficient stopping power for most scenarios. Also, 9mm ammo is extremely common and you would be much more likely to come across this caliber in a dooms day type situation. 9mm pistols as well as the ammo is lighter than other larger calibers which is helpful when carrying around in your backpack during a survival scenario or a hunting / backpacking trip. However, any type handgun you prefer will work. ( If you do not like having a gun for self-defense than I would recommend switching out a pistol with a machete or something else that is good for self-defense because without one your tactical toolbox is not ready.)

Why Should You Have Tactical Tools?

If you love the outdoors experiencing things like camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking or if you are a survivalist or a prepper or just someone who believes we life in a world with chaos and uncertainty and you want to be prepared to survive and protect your family. Maybe it’s a natural disaster like a blizzard, earthquake, hurricane or dooms day scenario than you are going to want and need tactical survival tool’s.

For example: If you are in a survival situation and you are forced to leave your home you are going to need to be vigilant about what you decide to bring with you. Tactical tool’s need to help you defend yourself from harm and assist you in your survival. You want them to be multi-functional, each tool should ideally be able to accomplish multiple different tasks, you want your tool’s to be compact and lightweight you should be able to carry all your tool’s with you easily whether it be in your pockets, on your waist or with a tactical backpack.

Look for words like,

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Multi-functional
  • Durable

I use a Maxpedition Falcon II it has tons of compartments for all your gear and it is a comfortable backpack to where. This is why a tactical backpack made my list they are built for the toughest situations. They are durable, reliable and built with storage and comfort in mind. Check out our post Tactical Backpack Guide here.



Their are tons of different tactical tool’s and I have many of them but when it comes down to it these are the 10 Best I recommend getting your hands on for your tactical toolbox.

You will get the most bang for your buck with this collection. These tool’s can and will make a difference for your safety and survival. The right tool for the job can make all the difference in success versus failure and being prepared with the right tool’s is how you succeed.

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